Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Video

This post is part of what I hope will be an ongoing series of posts that will contain archival material on the 1971 genocide in Bangladesh. There is an enormous amount of information available to scholars and academics, but mostly hidden away in offline libraries and museums. The only online repositories that are available are mostly in Bengali.

There have been recent attacks on the historical record by genocide deniers. It is my belief that genocide deniers find fertile ground in an atmosphere of ignorance. Consider this my contribution to shrink the real estate upon which the deniers can feed.


Viewer Discretion Advised

NBC News (1/7/1972): Dhaka University Massacre
Video of Pakistani soldiers executing students, professors and workers at Dhaka University on March 26, 1971.

[Click for high resolution video]

CBS News (2/2/1972)

CBS News (2/2/1972)
Evidence of mass graves and widespread killing in Khulna. Approximately 100,000 people were killed in Khulna.

 [Click for high resolution video]

NBC News (2/20/1972): Rape Victims
Genocidal rapes of Bangladeshi women and girls during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The report interviews pregnant girls held at Pakistani army barracks and repeatedly raped. Some of the girls are as young as 13.

[Click for high resolution video]


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23 Responses to Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Video

  1. ZaFa says:

    Oh my god!
    I have no words to express how I feel.
    Oh dear God!!
    How could the Pakistani army be so inhuman !! We have read articles about their carnage for so many years…but to be able to see video of actual shooting…oh my god!
    And 14 year old pregnant girls…victim of gang rapes…
    1971 episode in Bangladesh is the most well kept secret Genocide of 20th century.

  2. Sushanta says:

    Should we mail these excellent VDO’s to Sarmila Boose?

  3. Sushanta says:

    * excellent Documentary

  4. These videos should reach schoolbound children. They should see what happened before getting brainwashed by some arschloch S. bose.

  5. Mash:
    Wow–another brilliant post.

    If I may repeat my request: write a rebuttal to Ms. Bose’s tripe.

  6. Clarification: write a rebuttal and send it to the journal.

  7. Mahmud Farooque says:


    Thank You. Thank You for shocking me again after all these years. Thank you for making me cry. Thank you for making me angry. Thank you for making me feel that feeling. Thank you for making it real, once again.

    Thank you for reminding me again how it had felt the first time I had seen these footages, many, many years ago.

    Thank You for giving me few precious moments to share with my twelve-year-old and explain why Baba has trouble using his Muslim identity to overlook some inconvenient truth from his past.

    Thank you for restoring my faith on the Internet and reminding me that just the plain truth sometimes can be the most powerful equalizer and our greatest weapon against all things evil – whether appearing in the guise of an affable general or a well-published scholar.

  8. Mash says:

    I’ve uploaded the videos in their original resolution and size. If you have a fast connection, download the videos instead of watching the YouTube versions.

    J, I am working on an op-ed as rebuttal for publication in Bangladesh. I should be done by this weekend and hopefully it will see publication in Bangladesh sometime next week. It is my understanding there are more pieces forthcoming as well.

    I am also shocked by the videos above. This is our history. This is our history that pulses in my blood. My memories from that time, burned into my mind, are of taking shelter in my mother’s arms. I am here today because of my father’s and my cousin’s bravery, and the cowardice of those who came to kill us. I will not forget.

    But those cowards killed millions with ruthless efficiency. And left those of us who survived with scars in our souls. If those scars are ever to heal we must contend with this history as a people. That is my hope.

    Reading the comments above, I don’t believe my hope is misplaced.

  9. AsifY says:


    Please seriously consider sending the link to this post tp the General Secretary of a certain “political party”/ death cult. If only to p*** him off.

  10. Rumi says:


    Everytime I see these videos, my whole body starts shaking uncontrollably. These videos need to be shown again and again and again.

  11. Mohammad Jawad says:

    Keep it up. The enemies are yet to be totally uprooted from the soil of ‘The’ Bangladesh we fought for in 1971!


    Mohammad ( Jay) Jawad
    300, Tqrq Lake Terrace, NE, Calgary, AB,
    CANADA, T3J 0A1
    T/F: 1-(403)-234-0859

  12. Balochvoice says:

    Dear Bengali Brothers and sisters,

    We really feel the pain what you have gone through, coz we the Baloch people are going through it for the last sixty years. Your courage and sacrifice of your Nation at least paid off and thank god you got rid if this tyrant, a rogue state and the blood sucking Punjabi Pakistan.

    We the Baloch are still living through this nightmare every day of our lives in this Punjabi Pakistan and in Iran.

    Especially the station has worsened since the last few years; hundred of thousands have been displaced, gone missing and killed.

    As you Bengali’s brothers/sisters have seen and felt and suffered by the hands of this Punjabi Pakistan in flesh.

    Who better can understand our miseries then you, so we from on behalf of the Baloch nation request you people to help us in this dire situation to raise awareness around the world and uncover the evil face of this so called Muslim Nation (Punjabi Pakistan).

    We know that no one can change the past but by changing the future, maybe we can some how compensate for the grief in our hearts.

    So we request all you Bengali Brothers and sisters to please help the Baloch Nation whish is going through the worst genocide of its kind. Because Bengalis have a large population could not be wiped off the face of the earth by the Punjabis, but we the Baloch now fear of being over populated, killed and wiped off from the face of the earth.

    Once again we request you not to ignore the plight of our people and lend us a helping hand.

    Thank you

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  14. Be a Good Daughter says:

    Great comment.
    I guess you’ll link to our website..

  15. Abul Hassan says:

    You see this and then you hear the propoganda put forward by Nizami supporters, how he is widely respected, how he lead his ministry masterfully and it makes me feel sick.

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  18. pia asem says:

    thank you for the videos and this website. It’s hard to find these and photographs of a horrible genoicide forgotten by the rest of the world. I have heard from friends and family who have witnessed unspeakable things in 1971. However videos and photographs are hard to dismiss. Please keep this site going so that may direct skeptical pakitani aquaintainces to it.

  19. Mash says:

    Pia, I will be posting a few more videos within the next few weeks. There is a ton of documentary evidence of the genocide – we just need to get this information online and accessible to a wider audience. I hope this post is a small part of that effort.

  20. Stingray says:

    In 1971, How did the mother fucker pakistani armies rape the innocent young girls,ladies,women even the old ladies that I had truly heard from expertist journalist. And it really seems to me truly that on that miserable times Pakistani army had sexxed with their own mothers,sisters, aunties,maid-servants, thereafter they did rape the Bangladeshi women. Were they really muslims and Islam was their religion ????!!!!! I am extremely surprised that how could a muslim man/person/army rape another muslim woman/lady/young girl in war contradiction massacre ?????!!!!

  21. Saleh Ahmed says:

    Please join the group ”justice for Bangladeshi 1971 genocide victims” on facefook. We need as many people as possible to join this group and show our support to the victims.

  22. shagufta says:

    Dear Balochvoice
    we understand. But it will take more time here to create bout the situation in Balouchistan. here people cant differentiate Btw pakistan and Balouchistan or North West Frontier.To them Pakistan means not only panjabi regime or feudal lords of Sindh;It means four provinces. Time is the best healer, answer, Judge.Extending our support to your people.

  23. MOHAMMAD JAWAD says:


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