Searching For Bobby Kennedy

The first time I heard the name Barack Obama was in 2004 when he delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. It was a rousing speech. The speech rivaled Mario Cuomo’s nominating speech at the 1992 Convention. The buzz at the time was that we were looking at a future President of the United States.

When Barack Obama entered the Presidential race last year I was excited. I knew the man could deliver a great speech, now I needed to hear his vision for America.

It was not until South Carolina did I hear what I was looking for. After winning the South Carolina primary Barack Obama delivered the speech that earned my vote. I was searching for Bobby Kennedy and on that evening I found his 21st century heir. If Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination and then the Presidency it is the South Carolina speech that historians will point to as the pivotal moment of his campaign.

Tomorrow Virginia votes along with Maryland and the District of Columbia. I will cast my vote in the Virginia Democratic primary for Senator Barack Obama, the next President of the United States.

Looking ahead to March 4th, Barack Obama’s campaign has released what I believe is the most powerful television ad of this election season. The ad has begun to play in both Ohio and Texas. For a number of reasons the ad also touches me personally:

Go vote tommorrow Virginia. Yes we can.


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