Watching West Virginia Results

11:28PM: With 76% reporting Hillary Clinton is winning 66% to 27%. The big news though is the much lower turnout than predicted.

9:23PM: With 20% reporting Hillary Clinton is up 63% to Obama 30%. The remaining 7% is going to John Edwards, who is on the ballot in West Virginia. The Edwards vote is keeping Clinton’s margin down and it looks like she is underperforming in some rural counties.

8:29PM: Results are starting to come in. With 1% of the precincts reporting Hillary Clinton is leading 56% to 36%.

7:34PM: At 7:30PM, as the polls closed, MSNBC called the race for Hillary Clinton. They are reporting that the exit polls show she is leading 2 to 1. We will watch to see what the margin will be and how big the turnout was.

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3 Responses to Watching West Virginia Results

  1. zm says:

    Edwards is in.
    Symbolic gesture for Hillary to quit.

  2. zm says:

    I’m having goose bumps listening to John Edwards’ electrifying speech live in Michigan.
    The Dems are united.

  3. Mash says:

    This is a pretty big signal to Hillary Clinton. Obama will also probably pick up Edwards’ pledged delegates.

    It seems the Obama campaign was holding this for right after West Virginia – smart move.

    And Edwards is really connecting with the crowd.

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