Hillary Clinton Op-Ed: Unapologetic and Delusional

This morning Hillary Clinton has an op-ed in the Daily News. In it she remains unapologetic about her RFK assassination comments. Instead she says that those who were offended took her "entirely out of context". She is "dismayed and disturbed" that we would misconstrue her comments. In other words, she stands by what she said and regrets that we have twisted her words. If people were holding their breath for an apology for her ghoulish behavior this is not it:

This past Friday, during a meeting with a newspaper editorial board, I was asked about whether I was going to continue in the presidential race.

I made clear that I was – and that I thought the urgency to end the 2008 primary process was unprecedented. I pointed out, as I have before, that both my husband’s primary campaign, and Sen. Robert Kennedy’s, had continued into June.

Almost immediately, some took my comments entirely out of context and interpreted them to mean something completely different – and completely unthinkable.

I want to set the record straight: I was making the simple point that given our history, the length of this year’s primary contest is nothing unusual. Both the executive editor of the newspaper where I made the remarks, and Sen. Kennedy’s son, Bobby Kennedy Jr., put out statements confirming that this was the clear meaning of my remarks. Bobby stated, "I understand how highly charged the atmosphere is, but I think it is a mistake for people to take offense."

I realize that any reference to that traumatic moment for our nation can be deeply painful – particularly for members of the Kennedy family, who have been in my heart and prayers over this past week. And I expressed regret right away for any pain I caused.

But I was deeply dismayed and disturbed that my comment would be construed in a way that flies in the face of everything I stand for – and everything I am fighting for in this election.

She has no concept of why her comments were offensive. Simply delusional behavior.

She goes on to list reasons for her to stay in the race, apparently in addition to her hope that someone shoots the presumptive Democratic nominee. Among her reasons is this absolutely absurd claim:

I am running because I believe staying in this race will help unite the Democratic Party. I believe that if Sen. Obama and I both make our case – and all Democrats have the chance to make their voices heard – in the end, everyone will be more likely to rally around the nominee.

Is she nuts? By running and taking shots at the presumptive nominee, insulting his supporters, raising the race card, musing out loud that he may be assassinated, comparing Florida and Michigan sanctions to the 2000 election and fraudulent election in Zimbabwe, she is uniting the party? Simply delusional.

Then she says, in spite of losing in the actual vote, that math is "complicated":

I am running because I believe I’m the strongest candidate to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. McCain. Delegate math might be complicated – but electoral math is not. Our campaign is winning the popular vote – and we’ve been winning the swing states we need to get 270 electoral votes and take back the White House: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arkansas, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, Florida and West Virginia.

The only "complication" in the delegate math is that she can’t win the delegate count. Having lost the Democratic primaries, she is making up metrics that feed her delusion at the expense of the American people.

I am now convinced this failed candidate is out to destroy the presumptive Democratic nominee and the Democratic party. We are watching a temper tantrum on a national stage. This failed candidate is delusional. She will use any argument, however destructive, to feed her delusion.

Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic.

UPDATE: The cross-posted diary on Daily Kos has reached the recommended list and there is a lively discussion ongoing.

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4 Responses to Hillary Clinton Op-Ed: Unapologetic and Delusional

  1. Ingrid says:

    gee Mash, I noticed some traffic from DailyKos and I thought, huh?? (eloquent after not having had a full ‘first’ coffee I am NOT) then I noticed your blogroll..gee, thanks!!
    btw.. I am now calling the DNC on Tuesday (see my post that I will leave up for the next day or two) aside from having emailed them. I hope other people will follow suit..

  2. Robster says:

    This is now officially Hillary’s “God Damn America” moment.

  3. Mash says:

    Ingrid, “huh?” was actually my first reaction to her op-ed 🙂

    I will also put up the DNC numbers here. (And you have always been on my blogroll. Robbiie’s harder to track because he keeps moving his blog around :))

    Robbie, someone said today that this was her “macaca” moment. I think its both rolled into one.

  4. enigma4ever says:

    excellent post…and yeah…truly her most hideous moment…my teenage son” her stained blue dress moment” ( OUCH….)

    I was horrified by it…all of it- mostly that once again she blamed it OTHERS perception….she is not capable of remorse of an apology….
    because she is insensitive and incapable of admitting errors….
    great post…wonderful blog….

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