Liz Trotta And The Permission Slip

Liz Trotta of Fox News slips up. Hillary Clinton offered the permission slip. Others are using it.

Below is the entire segment on Fox News:


Howard Wolfson, Hillary Clinton’s chief strategist, this morning on CBS’s Face The Nation circling the wagons:

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4 Responses to Liz Trotta And The Permission Slip

  1. zm says:

    “..both if we could” !?!?
    BOTH if we COULD !?!?!?!?

  2. Tom Greenfield says:

    No one in mainstream media is going to cover or care about the Trotta obscenity. NBC, CBS, and ABC are scared to death of FOX and the right wing — and they pander to them endlessly. The NYTimes’ love affair — apparently it was literal in one case — with the Bush administration is now documented.

    Not only will Trotta suffer no consequences, she can probably “up” her speaker’s fee.

  3. Robster says:

    Trotta apologized earlier today, but Hillary has not.

  4. RJ Jenders says:

    File a complaint here:, with this information as the accused. LIZ A TROTTA, (212) 734-7543, 340 E. 66th St, New York, NY 10065, Born March 1937 (age 71). God Bless!

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