Jon Stewart Vs. Jim Cramer

The full unedited interview from last night’s Daily Show is below. Host Jon Stewart skewered CNBC’s Jim Cramer in a riveting bit of television.

I commend Jim Cramer for going on The Daily Show knowing full well he was going to get a drubbing. And a drubbing he got. But Cramer took it and persevered through it. I can’t say that Cramer didn’t deserve some of what he got, but, it seems to me that bad reporting is one thing but running the economy into the ground is quite another. And on the latter, CNBC is not the guilty party.

So, while I share Stewart’s anger, I’d save the pitchforks for the real culprits: the captains of industry who tended to their yearly bonuses and golden parachutes while padding their company balance sheets with imaginary assets and creative accounting.

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One Response to Jon Stewart Vs. Jim Cramer

  1. This interview was on fire. I saw one time and I had to see it again. It is amazing that Crumer stud his ground through all of this. Most folks would just walk off of the set. The overall hard knock caption of the show was dead on. I might going ahead and look at it a third time while I am at it.

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