Bangladesh Genocide Archives – Video: Attack On Dhaka

NBC News (3/29/1971): Attack On Dhaka

NBC News report from 3/29/1971 shows video taken from the Intercontinental Hotel in Dhaka on 3/26/1971 by a French video crew before they were expelled from Bangladesh by the Pakistan army. This is rare smuggled video of the Pakistan army crackdown that launched 9 months of genocide in Bangladesh.

All foreign reporters were confined to the Intercontinental Hotel when the Pakistan army started its crackdown on the night of 3/25/1971. The reporters were expelled from the country two days later. Their notes and video footage was confiscated. However, a French news crew managed to smuggle out video they had taken through the windows of their hotel room. In the video Dhaka is seen burning and tanks are seen on the streets near the hotel.

[Click for high resolution video]

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