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Muslim. Immigrant. American.

This Fourth of July was bittersweet for me. It was the first one I spent without my daughter since her birth 5 years ago. I watched our community’s big fireworks show from my driveway rather than the park where family’s … Continue reading

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A Sign Of The Times?

I woke up this morning to the following headline: "Border reopens after shooting". There was a shooting on the American side of the San Ysidro border crossing with Mexico. The Associated Press article reports the details of the shooting as … Continue reading

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The (Next To) Last Gasp Of a Desperate Presidency

President Bush looked at the polls that he doesn’t read and thought he found the escape hatch. The idea was simple enough: Find an issue, any issue, that will distract the American public from the carnage in Iraq, the scandals … Continue reading

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Of Illegals, Mexicans & Jihadis

I think there is some sort of Illegal Alien Apocalypse happening today. At least that’s what I gather reading the right-winger blogs. I turned on the news and what I saw mostly was parents and children, immigrants and Americans, marching, … Continue reading

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When Fruits Eat Vegetables

My favorite right-winger is on a mission. Since I find myself at times strangely attracted to her, I thought I would take the opportunity to spread the word on her behalf. Debbie Schlussel is upset that immigrants are planning a … Continue reading

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