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Geithner In The Hot Seat

There are now serious questions being asked about Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s role in the AIG bonus scandal. It is clear now that Geithner knew long before this weekend about the AIG bonuses. Yet, it was not until the bonuses … Continue reading

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The Taxpayer Gravy Train

Let me get straight to the point. If the Obama administration gives AIG the additional $30 billion that it says it will, then it is the Obama administration that is using taxpayer money to pay hundreds of millions of dollars … Continue reading

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The Joke At The Heart Of American Foreign Policy Toward The Middle East

If you ever doubt who controls American foreign policy, consider the case of Chas Freeman. Freeman was, until today, Barack Obama’s appointee to chair the National Intelligence Council. No more. Today Freeman was forced to withdraw from the position. Why … Continue reading

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“In Our Time”

President Obama delivered his first address to a joint session of Congress tonight. It was a speech for our times. There is one sentence from this speech that may not get much press coverage. But it literally means the world … Continue reading

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A Disappointing Financial Stability “Plan”

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner announced the Obama administration’s financial rescue plan yesterday. The Administration calls this the “Financial Stability Plan.” The “Plan” has Paul Krugman confused. Krugman refers to it as “The Rorschach Plan.” Krugman says “It’s really not clear … Continue reading

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