Yo Willy!

Memo to George Will

Yo Willy!:

The people of Virginia elected Jim Webb to the United States Senate. If that bothers you then, as the Vice President would say, go f*** yourself.

Since you don’t seem to know the difference between boorish behavior and patriotism, allow me to remind you.

Here is what patriotism looks like:

Jim Webb

And here is what boorish behavior looks like:

And some more of what boorish behavior looks like:

Bush and Merkel

Literally yours,


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4 Responses to Yo Willy!

  1. Robbie says:

    Mash is telling George Will to go Cheney himself? What’s this world coming to? I thought that was my job?

    I was pissed when I read this article at work. I’m pissed off at the mainstream media and the print media for not telling Americans the truth. That’s why I haven’t blogged on politics in awhile.

    Maybe I need to start up again? >:)

  2. MR. Bill says:

    We must never forget that George Will is a party hack: he passed Jimmy Carter’s briefing books to Reagan’s people before their debate when he was one of the panelists for said debate. His idea of civility is a weird combination of facutal inaccuarcy and court ettiquette, that always is unfavorable to the Democrats.
    Well, if you go to the comments at WaPo on Georgie’s little stab at Jim Webb, you will see over 77 pages (as of 8 am Friday) of George Will Smackdown. Priceless. The public is calling “Bullshit” and rightly so.
    It’s great to see the Pompous Pecksniff whacked with a newspaper…

  3. Mash says:

    Robbie, I am just picking up the slack in your absence :d
    Besides, this article called for some boorish behavior. The man went into a fit about Webb’s use of the word “literally” – now that’s really digging deep. The election loss and the Iraq War are going to make George Will’s head explode.

    Mr. Bill, I can’t wait for his next column. Kruathammer had a surreal one today. It will only get worse as they get more desperate. It shows you how afraid they are of Webb that they are going after him this early.

  4. Robbie says:

    Mash, my novel’s finishes so I’ll be back in form pretty soon. I categorized my posts so now you can click on Politics and see all of my rants without the hockey screenshots and fight clips. :d

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