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Sarah Palin Goes Rogue

Six days until the election, and then this happens! 🙂 You know your presidential campaign is in serious trouble when your vice presidential pick is planning her 2012 run already. I have to hand it to the McCain campaign, they … Continue reading

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Closing Argument

This is Barack Obama’s 30 minute prime time event that aired tonight at 8pm. There was a live portion from his rally in Florida at the end that is not included in the above video.

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My Election Prediction

Let’s face it. John McCain is no longer running against Barack Obama in this race. He is running against Sarah Palin, and vice versa. According to the McCain campaign, Palin has "gone rogue", and become a "diva". Now a top … Continue reading

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Barack Obama is within striking distance of winning deep red Georgia next Tuesday. The latest poll out of Georgia shows a statistical tie. If McCain loses Georgia he will lose it as part of a larger national Barack Obama landslide. … Continue reading

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Charles Alexander

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