Jon Stewart On The Bush-Merkel Blitz-Massage


On the July 18 episode of The Daily Show Jon Stewart commented on the Blitz-Massage. It occurs to me that this is as inexplicable as Zinedine Zidane’s head butt in the World Cup final. As you will recall, a few days after the head butt, Zidane went on French television to explain that he had been provoked. The French nation forgave Zidane. Perhaps Mr. Bush could follow Zidane’s example and explain to a perplexed world who provoked him into such bizarre behavior.
Finally, I have not yet been able to confirm reports that after watching the incident on video replay, Vladimir Putin ran to Mr. Bush and showed him a red card. According to these same unconfirmed reports, the G-8 apparently has banned Mr. Bush from attending the next two G-8 summits due to his red card expulsion.
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5 Responses to Jon Stewart On The Bush-Merkel Blitz-Massage

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  2. Tony says:

    Did Bush know that she was a woman and/or the leader of a sovereign nation, and not the waitress at the local Waffle Hut?

  3. Zebster says:

    LOL @ Tony.
    Mash, crazy irony of sorts. Did you see the Daily Show clip I put up yesterday? Then you must because it goes perfect with this, taint that right?!
    I’ve been looking on YouTube the last few days for the skit Samantha Bee did to open the show earlier in the week, which was hysterical, describing the different factions, etc. Kind find it though.

  4. Mash says:

    Zeb, I just checked it out and left you a little quote you might enjoy. Are you talking about the one where she was trying to describe the Middle East crisis using old names off a news template? That’s on Motherload here.

  5. Zebster says:

    It might be. But it’s just sitting there Motherloading, which it always does to me, without explanation. That’s why I use YouTube and haven’t used Colbert when I’ve wanted to.

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